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Corporate Citizenship

Environmental Preservation Initiatives

Sony Life’s Environmental Conservation Activities

Environmental Management System

Sony Life has mounted a number of initiatives to reduce the burden it places on the environment. We have established environmental goals and objectives, put programs in place to lead us toward these aims and will continue with such environmentally conscious activities and initiatives.

ISO 14001 Certification

In March 2001, Sony Life acquired ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems, for its headquarters, and has since kept its certification up-to-date.

Green Power Certification Systems

In fiscal 2005, Sony Life introduced a green power certification system for power originating from wind-powered generators.

This system facilitates electric-power swaps, certifying the environmental value of green power generation, even if the power originates at locations far from where it is used.

Since fiscal 2007, Sony Life has been purchasing certificates for energy generated mainly from wood-chip biomass.

Environmental Preservation Activities with Customers

Donating to the “Sorabear Foundation”

Ceremony marking donation of Sorabear power generation equipment to a nursery school in Hyogo Prefecture

In March 2010, Sony Life introduced a CD-ROM version of policy terms and conditions, and in July 2017 made the information available on its website as well. When customers take out a policy and choose either the CD-ROM or online version of policy terms and conditions, the portion of the printing costs saved by using a non-printed version is donated to the Sorabear Foundation, a non-profit organization engaged in activities to prevent global warming. The Sorabear Foundation uses the donations from Sony Life to install solar power generation equipment at nursery schools and preschools throughout Japan.
In fiscal 2018, our ninth such installation went into place at a nursery school in Hyogo Prefecture. Sony Life will continue to participate in environmental conservation activities and support the Sorabear Smile Project.

Participation in Social Contribution Activities

“One Love, One Trust”

Our rallying cry is the phrase “one love, one trust,” reminding us that for each voluntary contribution, or “act of love,” our standing within the community increases. As part of our efforts to be a good corporate citizen, we encourage every Sony Life employee to be active in his or her social contribution efforts, which we believe are instrumental in expanding the circle of love and trust.

Sony Life Volunteer Club

The Sony Life Volunteer Club was established by employees at the time of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, and has continued its activities to the present day. The club operates using funds collected from employee donations, and is managed by individual employees.

Ongoing Support for Earthquake Victims

Kobe Fureai spring festival
Support for Victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake

Beginning with meals provided by employee volunteers right after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck in 1995, Sony Life has extended support matched to circumstances whenever people displaced by the earthquake moved from emergency shelters to temporary housing and then to reconstructed homes. More than 20 years since the earthquake rocked the region, we continue to hold seasonal festivals to raise the spirits of seniors who were affected by the disaster.

Summer festival
Support for Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Right after the earthquake struck, on March 11, 2011, Sony Life spearheaded the establishment of the Reconstruction Support Council and extended support for meals prepared by employee volunteers, as well as for temporary housing. Even today, we continue to hold a summer festival to raise the spirits of people who were affected by the disaster.

Support for areas hit by the Kumamoto Earthquake: distribution of planters
Support for Areas Affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake, Torrential Rains in Northern Kyushu and Heavy Rain in Western Japan

Sony Life’s activities include distributing planters with flowers in bloom and organizing fairs to brighten up temporary housing.
In fiscal 2018, we were involved in soil removal in Hiroshima Prefecture after heavy rains hit western Japan.

Relay for Life

Employees participating in the 24-hour Relay for Life

In Relay for Life, cancer patients and their families, as well as bereaved families, participate in a 24-hour track relay. Funds generated through the relay are donated to charity. Such relays are held at more than 5,000 locations in 20 countries.

In fiscal 2018, more than 2,600 people took part in the relay, mainly agency office employees at 37 locations throughout Japan, as well as family members and customers. They ran and walked with current cancer patients and their families throughout the relay’s 24-hour duration, while conducting volunteer activities to support the event.

Sony Life will proactively support these activities, as part of its efforts to realize a harmonious society that is free from worries of cancer.

Youth Educational Support

Children participating in a beach cleanup and barbecue

We conduct a number of activities around Japan to support children, to whom we entrust the future. For example, each year the club plans beach and pool trips and barbecues for children who for a variety of reasons are unable to live with their parents.

Activities such as these, held in different parts of Japan, give children who otherwise have little opportunity to interact with adults a chance to participate in society. As a result, we have seen these children become increasingly cheerful and develop a more optimistic outlook.

Providing Support for People with Disabilities

Yokohama Tennis Competition for People with Disabilities

Participating in events and competitions alongside people with disabilities gives people without disabilities a chance to join in the fun, as well as providing opportunities for interaction. To this end, volunteers participate in the J-League Sign Language Support and Yokohama Tennis Competition for People with Disabilities.

Regional and Community Contributions

Volunteer in charge of an event

Support Activities for Special Olympics Nippon

Sony Life believes that it contributes to society and promotes diversity each time it helps a single person with intellectual disabilities gain independence and participate in society. Our support for Special Olympics Nippon is based on this conviction. Approximately 600 Sony Life employees volunteered at the 7th Special Olympics Nippon National Summer Games in Aichi Prefecture in 2018. Throughout the Games, volunteers were involved mainly in supporting athletes, running events and organizing competition venues. The Games were exciting for everyone, including the athletes and volunteers. In addition to competitions such as these, volunteers are active in helping to establish regional organizations and serving as coaches during daily sports training sessions. In 2020, a huge contingent of employees from Sony Life will volunteer for the 7th Special Olympics Nippon National Winter Games in Hokkaido Prefecture.

Seeing-eye dogs learning to wait at their masters’ feet.

Eye Mate Fund

Sony Life contributes to the Eye Mate Fund with the aim of helping visually challenged people participate in society.
The Company donates an amount each year that matches the total raised by employees during the year. In fiscal 2018, ¥14.57 million in employee donations and matching funds was given to Eye Mate, Inc. This figure brings cumulative donations to Eye Mate to ¥237.76 million (¥258.08 million including other organizations), making Sony Life one of the largest donors among corporate and other organizations.

Promoting Better Health

Players are engaged in an exciting match
Athletes from around the country

Sony Life Cup All Japan Ladies Tennis Tournament

Since 2002, Sony Life has sponsored and supported the Sony Life Cup All Japan Ladies Tennis Tournament, one of the largest amateur events for women tennis players in Japan.

The tournament has been held since 1979 to promote the development of tennis as a sport with mass appeal and one that also helps improve women’s health. This year marks the 41st staging of this traditional event, which has attracted a cumulative total of more than 410,000 players.

At tournament qualifiers held in each prefecture, Sony Life employees, including Lifeplanner sales employees, participate in a variety of activities that support the tournament. By backing this tournament, Sony Life helps people realize their dreams and forge stronger interpersonal ties.

Contributing to the Growth of Students and Youth

Students dreaming up their futures as they participate in life planning
Consulting by Lifeplanner sales employees to help realize those dreams

Life Planning Courses by Lifeplanner Sales Employees

Since fiscal 2006, Sony Life has offered life planning courses for students who are preparing to make their own way in society. Lifeplanner sales employees, who serve as instructors, emphasize the importance of having dreams for the future.

Life Planning Course Objectives

To provide protection products that optimally match customers’ lives, when proposing such products, Sony Life first asks customers about their dreams and future goals. Using this information, we work with each customer to map out a specific life plan, emphasizing the importance of “life planning.”

Through the process of life planning, we aim to convey to students, who have long lives in front of them, the importance of planning their lives and persevering to achieve their dreams.

Monetary Simulations to Help Students Plan Their Lives as They Spread Their Wings

As life planning professionals, Lifeplanner sales employees instruct and support students in the life planning process. The simulation begins with a family. The overall life plan covers the arrival of children and the creation of an education plan as well as a plan for the purchase of a home, and lays out approaches to achieve the kind of future the students envision down the road and the dreams that they aspire to.

Next, the course takes on an economic focus, looking at the financial resources that are needed. Lifeplanner sales employees offer advice, using Sony Life’s proprietary software LiPSS. Consulting from an economic perspective, we examine the income, expenses and savings that will be needed. This realistic approach gives students a better understanding of what is required to achieve their goals and dreams.

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