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Financial Highlights

Policy Amount in Force
(Individual life insurance + Individual annuities)

Since operations began, we have maintained consistent growth.


New Policy Amount
(Individual life insurance + Individual annuities)

Our new policy amount reached ¥6,150.4 billion.


Lapse and Surrender Rate
(Individual life insurance and individual annuities on a policy amount basis)

The lapse and surrender rate was 6.06%.


Income from Insurance Premiums and Others

Income from insurance premiums, which represents the largest component of income, reached ¥1,136.1 billion.


Core Profit

Core profit, an indicator of profit in the mainstay insurance business, amounted to ¥97.2 billion.


Ordinary Profit

Ordinary profit was ¥79.8 billion.



Total assets, which indicate a company’s scale, are growing steadily.


Solvency Margin Ratio

We have retained a high level of ability to pay in response to risks from unpredictable events.



Market Consistent Embedded Value (MCEV)


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Credit Ratings

Sony Life has been rated highly by credit rating agencies.

AA:Rating and Investment Information, Inc. A+:S&P Global Ratings

Note: The above credit ratings were requested by Sony Life. They are not evaluations of insurance companies overall, nor are they a guarantee of claim payments in the future. The ratings are the opinions of the respective rating agencies, based on the figures and information available to them at that time, and are subject to change. Please refer to each agency’s website for more details.

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