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Corporate Information


We will work for customers' financial security and stability by offering optimal life insurance products and high-quality services.

Corporate Philosophy

We will prove worthy of the expectations and confidence of customers through the relentless pursuit of high-quality services that satisfy customers.

We will conduct innovative management by anticipating future needs, while boldly staying at the forefront of developments in the business environment.

We will create an open-minded workplace while maintaining an energetic organization, by respecting the individuality of employees and bringing out the very best in their talents and aptitudes.


The spirit of mutual assistance based on love and trust is the essence of life insurance. We are responsible for providing our clients with optimum life insurance, as well as high-quality service, based on the full understanding of this essential principle. Our further mission is to enlighten the public on the true value of life insurance, and thereby promote the financial security and stability of our clients.

We shall work ceaselessly to acquire the knowledge and technology required to fulfill this mission and shall not hesitate to do our utmost to fully develop personal ability and character without losing sight of humility. We also hope that as leader in the life insurance business, we shall be worthy example to the public.

We shall always provide our clients with full and accurate information and place their best interests above our own at all times. We swear on professional ethics to strictly guard the privacy of our clients.

The relationship of trust between our clients and ourselves, built on these principles, shall be our greatest pleasure and pride. We aim to earn the respect of the community by upholding the trustworthiness.

We take part in this business to help usher in a new era of innovation and progress on the strength of our vision of life. That we work together, in the spirit of challenge and courage, and progress with colleagues who share the same passion and resolve to realize our goal is also a joy. We shall strive to remain a professional group composed of individuals taking pride in their work, each aware of his/her responsibilities and each filled with a free spirit.

We pledge to maintain the spirit of this charter through unstinting effort this day forth.

Witnessed by
LIFEPLANNERs present and Future,
Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Corporate Information

Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: 1-9-2, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8179, Japan

Established: August 1979
Common Stock: ¥70,000 million*
Employees: 8,461* (including 5,164 Lifeplanner sales employees)
Total Assets: ¥10,380,148 million*
Fiscal Year: April 1 to March 31

*As of March 31, 2019

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