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Continuing to provide “LIFEPLANNER VALUE” to protect customers
all across Japan throughout their lives

“LIFEPLANNER VALUE” expresses the value we provide our customers.

Providing the necessary protection amount tailored to each customer based on life planning

We work with our customers to develop personalized life plans, the first step in defining each family’s dreams and future. We utilize these life plans to analyze each customer’s current income and expenses and future family finance needs and to calculate an appropriate protection amount, plotted on a timeline, that would enable his or her family to realize their dreams and protect their future even if the unexpected occurs. Each customer is unique, so we provide optimal life insurance for his or her specific requirements.

Always following up on coverage with the very best advice

For the life insurance policy that a customer signs to serve its intended purpose, should the unexpected occur, we conduct follow-up reviews to catch changes at each stage in a customer’s life and offer advice to ensure the individual has the most appropriate level of protection as circumstances evolve.

Offering added value that goes beyond insurance toward achieving life plans

However, people encounter many events over the course of a long life that life insurance alone cannot address, such as children’s education, the purchase of a home, a change in jobs or the decision to set out independently, and even the “second life” of the middle-aged and seniors in retirement. Lifeplanner sales employees and Partners (independent agencies) go through various training programs—self-directed and reciprocal studies—to acquire the necessary skills and expertise to offer suitable advice that realize customers’ life plans.

Providing optimal levels of protection, high-quality services and added value beyond the scope of insurance—Sony Life breathes “life” into life insurance.

Lifeplanner Sales Employees and Partners.
Always for Customers, Always with Customers

Lifeplanner Sales Employees

We believe it is important to first consider your dreams—what you want to do in the future and what you want to do for your family, for instance—and then shape these into reality by choosing the life insurance that is best for you. Lifeplanner sales employees help you turn dreams into reality.

“Life insurance will begin changing today. Lifeplanner sales employees will drive this change.” This was Sony Life’s declaration at the time it commenced operations, and the basis for putting in place its Lifeplanner system. By ensuring that Lifeplanner sales employees are consistent leaders of innovation within the industry, we provide customers with ideal life insurance.

Lifeplanner sales employees accompany their customers, understanding their lives as they go through each of life’s milestones. The time that Lifeplanner sales employees share with customers and the strong trust-based relationships they create are important parts of helping customers realize the dreams that constitute their life plans and providing value.

Unfortunate circumstances are not the only time that customers experience such value. During the course of long, full lives, customers typically experience various concerns or problems. Lifeplanner sales employees stand by to guide customers at these times and keep them from losing sight of their goals. As well as the customer representative, Lifeplanner sales employees throughout Japan offer their cooperation.

Lifeplanner sales employees help customers reach their dreams. They remain alongside customers throughout every phase of their lives, providing essential support.

Premier Agency

Exclusive agents under new model capitalizing on skills of Sony Life Lifeplanner sales employees and managers on independent road

Sony Life has built a new consulting model designed to ensure customers have continuous access to a more diverse array of services, with life insurance at the core. The model is popularized by Executive Lifeplanners, who have outstanding performance results and the Company’s highest qualifications, and experienced managers, who have groomed first-rate Lifeplanner sales employees with excellent skills. These people pursue new business as corporate entities, drawing on extensive knowledge and experience to meet customer needs.

Today’s turbulent times call for insurance professionals who can design a wide variety of proposals and leverage problem-solving expertise in distinct areas of specialization. Being this kind of professional, with the ability to address customer needs promptly and with a high level of competency, is the Premier Agency’s mission.

Premier Agencies work with alliance partners—specialists—in various fields, including accounting, taxation, law and medicine, to deliver high-quality consultations in four priority segments: wealth management, life planning and life design, business consulting and succession, and healthcare support. These efforts transcend generations, honing in on customers’ life and business needs.


In 1989, the 10th anniversary of the Company’s founding, alongside its Lifeplanner channel, Sony Life launched the Partner consulting channel as an independent agency system.

In keeping with our mission “to work for customers’ financial security and stability by offering optimal life insurance products and high-quality services,” Partners are professional independent agencies who solicit insurance in partnership with Sony Life. The idea behind this channel is for Partners to offer high-quality services to customers based on their close ties with the communities in which they operate.

The term “Partners” is apt because, in addition to agencies that act as business partners for Sony Life, they are lifelong partners to customers.

Sony Life’s many Partners throughout Japan currently work as life insurance professionals who consult with customers and apply specific and advanced expertise through needs-based sales that truly fulfill their role as customers’ partners.

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